Writing is Hard – and I only do things I’m good at

I told myself I’d write something every day, because honestly, that’s the only way you get better as a writer.  You practice.  And practice.  And rewrite.  And practice.  However, if you know me, you know one thing about me:  I rarely do anything I’m not good at.  I’m not bragging, and I’m not trying  to say I’m good at everything.  What I’m saying is that I know I suck at tennis, so I don’t play.  I know I’m not a great cook, so I don’t plan any dinner parties.  It’s a fault, definitely, but I like when people say “Omg, Patsy, that was great!  You did such a great job!”  I mean, who doesn’t?  Which is why writing is so hard.  When I wrote as a kid, my teachers praised me.  My parents encouraged me.  But when I wrote in college and in high school, teachers edited the shit out of my papers and gave me C’s on essays.  My parents encouraged me to pursue science.  When you pour your heart into a story, it becomes a part of you.  It is hard to listen to critiques on your writing and understand that people aren’t critiquing you as a person.  They’re only trying to make your story stronger.

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One Response to Writing is Hard – and I only do things I’m good at

  1. zumpoems says:

    Yes, for any skill you must practice, practice, practice and execute, execute, execute –whether basketball or writing you need the practice time and the game time both!

    Unfortunately not all criticism is helpful. This is always a fun exercise — take a lesser known work by a great poet, short story writer or composer and present that to a English or Music professor — those that tear it apart our best to be wary of — those that recognize the value, despite not knowing the work, and acknowledge the strengths and maybe offer a few tips are the ones to get advice from for your own work.

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