A Post a Day…

It’s been a long day, so this post will be short.  Please keep in mind that this is a first draft and there has been no editing!


Charlie rested his head against the bus window and willed himself to be excited about this new school year.  Last year ended in a debacle featuring his underwear and the cutest girl in the fifth grade.  He prayed no one remembered, but wasn’t too hopeful when Keith walked on the bus.  “Hey, tighty-whitey,” he greeted Charlie.

“Hey, don’t worry about him,” Kumar said.  “No one else remembers.”

But what if everyone did?  What if, gulp, Sonya remembered?  What if she remembered his dinosaur patterned underwear?  Or the way his mother wrote the name on the elastic?  His cheeks reddened at the memory.  His mind flashed to possible nightmare first day of school scenarios.  Underwear in his desk.  Keith.  Sonya laughing in his face.

“Charlie?” Kumar asked, but Charlie didn’t answer.  His thoughts bounced from scenario to scenario.  “Charlie?” Kumar asked a little more urgently.  “CHARLIE!”

Charlie snapped to attention and found his body floating five inches above the bus seat.

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